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Beefeater 24, Gin & Tea is inspired by the beauty of asian tea ingredients and the package design reflects ornate asian floral patterns.

Hormone War: Jin

Fill In These Things About You

Name: Karen
Birthday: 02/08/91
Height: 167/168cm
Eye color: Brown/honey during summer
Hair color: dark brown
A random fact about you: When I lose my temper at uni, I'm pretty darn good at hiding that I'm actually extremely mad
Favorite band: CNBlue, JYJ, U-kiss, b1a4, btob, etc.
Favorite song: too difficult, I have no fav song
Favorite food: Pasta
Favorite season: Fall/Winter
Favorite animal: lions, koalas, red pandas :D
Favorite movie: Too many to name but ok. Korean: The Client/The Terror Live. Japanese: KIDS / The prince of tennis. Hindi: Om Shanti Om / Jab Tak Hai Jaan. American: The Fifth Element / Air Force One. OVERALL FAV FILM EVER: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Are you currently in a relationship?: Yes
If so, are you happy with them?: Extremely
Anything you need to work on?: Not to lose my temper and get frustrated
Who ended your last relationship?: Well, it wasn't me but I'm glad it ended.
Are you friends with your ex?: Yeah, he's like my brother actually though we dont keep in touch that much any longer
Do you prefer someone shorter or taller?: Taller
Dark hair or light hair?: Either is fine.
Smart or attractive?: Both actually
Is creativity attractive?: I guess
Do you care how much money they have?: I dunno????
Your last phone call: A teammate
Your last text: Same teammate
The last thing you ate: Chicken fillet with rice and french fries
The last thing you drank: Soda
The last song you listened to: W - JYJ
The last book you read: I cant remember atm
The last movie you watched: Dhoom 2
What is your heritage?: Mom's side: French, Spanish, Ecuadorian. Dad's side: Mexican, Spanish. Oh yeah surprise, I don't have Peruvian blood running through my veins, must be a lil surprising considering I'm Peruvian and all- oh wel.
Do you play any instruments?: no, dont know how to play instruments.
What are you pets’ names?: I have no pets, but I have a squirrel plush..named Jiwoo..I hope that counts
Your favorite board game: Monopoly! :3
A random childhood memory: I sang Magic Knight Rayearth's opening with a friend of mine at kindergarten ... ._.
Places you would like to visit: Everywhere but: the US, the UK, Lithuania, Italy, Korea, Japan.
Your favorite color to wear: Black

Unexpected eBook: Sarah G.: Amazon.ca: Kindle Store


churia shinigamirukiasr taohvn 

this is a k-pop romance novel.

featuring EXO’s Kai.

omfg. pls go to the link and read the reviews and the description. 

"The world of kpop will never be the same again"

I truly dont know how to feel omg, this is a OCxidol story..a published fanfic and I’m like ”o__o” probably for the lack of sleep, then again I like the cover, girl is so pretty omg, but the typography doesn’t kinda fit, but that’s my designer side speaking.

and I’m surprised at the comments! I guess that it must be well-written or something for it to get those reviews. Though it sounds fanfic like but yeah

taehyung singing his favourite lullaby to sleeping hyungs

( ཀ͝ ∧ ཀ͝ )

Jonghyun in BSI for by-thorins-beard


141017 Lee Jungshin modeling for ‘SONGZIO’ at 2015 SS Seoul Fashion Week [Press Photos]

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[ULTRA HD] 141020 Kang Minhyuk  & Jung Yonghwa for FOSSIL add campaign [open in a new window to enlarge]

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